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New Poll Shows Abrams Tied Ahead of General Election

This is our election to win!

General election poll shows Abrams and Kemp tied.

A new poll released by WSB-TV Channel 2 and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed Stacey Abrams tied with her opponent Brian Kemp ahead of the November election. With two months until election day, this poll is a significant indicator of the powerful coalition Abram’s campaign has been building.

Other significant takeaways from the poll include Abrams was viewed more favorably by those polled than her opponent. Kemp does slightly better with Georgians who make over $150,000, reinforcing Abrams as a strong champion of working families.

Also, Abrams fared better with voters age 18-44.  Abrams had support from 26.5% of white voters, which is slightly higher than usual white voter support for Democratic statewide candidates. Although 51 percent of those polled disapproved of Trump, Democrats should not rest on this to clinch this win in November.

Note the poll did not reflect a representative sampling of Black voters, and from the data provided it does not seem to have accounted for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters or Latinos. It is possible these voters are counted as “other,” but it is unclear from the breakdown provided. The poll also is majority people over the age of 45 and moderates or those leaning conservative.

As the former House Minority Leader, Abrams set out to not merely run a race but to fundamentally change the way in which campaigns are run, and coalitions are built. Since her initial launch, Abrams has focused on developing and organizing in all of Georgia’s 159 states.

Taking a serious look at the demographics of the state, as well as building on her work combating voter suppression, Abrams prioritized reaching out to Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian American & Pacific Islander voters as well as progressive white voters. While she has focused on strengthening and building the coalition of support, Abrams has made sure her message is felt by all Georgians as she will serve everyone as Governor and not just a select few.

Although analysis from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution attempts to downplay the significance of this poll by noting Jason Carter had at one point tied Governor Deal in 2014, it is clear that such analysis is fundamentally ill-prepared to analyze this race. To date, nothing about this race has been predicted or explained by looking at the past attempts by Roy Barnes or Jason Carter. Such comparisons should be rendered moot, but they persist.

Despite the inaccurate and inflammatory commentary of her opponent and his supporters, Abrams continues to lead on the issues affecting Georgia’s families and communities. A living example of families of all stripes from traditional to newly formed a larger block of non-traditional families that are frequently underrepresented, Abrams has spoken candidly about her struggles as an adult child helping her parents out after unexpected calamity. From racist encounters with her opponent’s supporters to continued smears and debt shaming, Abrams stays above the fray and speaks directly to the issues and concerns.  

Polls are only a guidepost. As we have seen with Andrew Gillum’s recent victory in Florida, polling cannot predict increased voter excitement and engagement. This latest poll is a good sign of things shifting in the right direction toward victory for #TeamAbrams in November. There is still plenty of work to be done, and everyone has a part to play in building a winning coalition that not only focuses on an Abrams victory but fights for the many amazing candidates running down-ballot. By building a strong bench across the state, we not only send a champion of the people to the Governor’s mansion we bring needed change and balance back to our State House.

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