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William Perry’s Post About Abrams is Creative Writing At Best

Is it unethical to claim there are ethical issues when one has simply made a list of badly drawn inferences?

Post by William Perry is Work of Creative Writing at best.

Self-appointed Georgia Ethics WatchDog, William Perry penned a post of 10 alleged ethical issues that should prevent Abrams from becoming Governor. It really must suck to be bitter and petty while backing a losing candidate. Latest polls show Stacey Evans still down by about 20 points, with a shocking poll from Fox News Atlanta showing her losing by nearly 40 points. So it’s no surprise when her supporters ramp up negative attacks that are simply distortions and mischaracterizations making mountains out of molehills.

There is one big issue with this list; Perry doesn’t offer anything other than a slew of blog posts and a few articles from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that don’t draw the conclusions he does but are rather clickbait in nature. There is no actual EVIDENCE provided just a bunch of supposition and conjecture. Drawing conclusions is not a smoking gun. Perry’s blog post continues to draw inferences from accusations in other articles, not actual investigative reports. The only ethical violations are those that exist in his imagination.

Only two of the alleged points have actual claims filed attached to them. However, claims do not automatically translate to major ethical failings. First Abrams was hit with allegedly not providing the degree of specificity preferred in reimbursements from her campaign. She has answered this question when previously raised during the debate held in Columbus stating that her campaign had followed up to see exactly what the alleged discrepancies were and would provide any additional requested information.

The second claims that the campaign used resources to promote Abrams book based on excited staffers sharing links on social media. Heaven forbid folks excited about the person they work for use their personal social media to express their joy and opinions. Perry is reaching deep into his imagination on this one.

Other claims included Abrams having to repay $181 in per diems…earth-shattering. A handwritten note mentioning someone external to an organization raising a concern is not evidence of an ethics violation. Reading through his blog all we get is that he and his peers are upset that Abrams made more than them as a consultant. That’s envy, not ethical violations.

Among the silliest of Perry’s “ethical” allegations is the fact that Abrams is a “half-millionaire.” LMAO. Like people are taking this serious? Her opponent is a millionaire who is self-funding her campaign to the tune of nearly 2 million dollars. Abrams chose to loan money to her campaign while on a payment plan with the IRS. She’s not delinquent in her obligations. That’s like saying someone should not have loaned a family member money to do something important because they should’ve paid off all their credit cards instead. In this case, investing in expanding the electorate and reaching voters isn’t taking away from Abrams’ ability to make her monthly payments despite inferences to the contrary. Arguably it is unethical for an alleged ethics watchdog to distort information in continuing to claim Abrams is not handling her financial responsibilities.

AHHHHH! We must run for the hills before she destroys us all!

With allusions to recent issues shown with former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Perry editorializes the majority of his post. Ethics violations are concrete things and not simply whatever makes Perry’s Spidey sense tingle. Pieces like his do the voting public a major disservice and have only one purpose … and it isn’t telling the “truth.”

This is what desperation looks like. Perry and other Evans’ supporters are still silent about the allegation that former campaign staff formed a PAC called HOPE for Georgia as a way to divert donations. Questions have been raised about the validity of Perry’s organization. A cursory glance at the Secretary of State Website shows Georgia Ethics Watchdog was dissolved.

Does William Perry even have an organization?
source: Georgia Secretary of State

Maybe someday we will have parity in coverage in this race, until then it is for all of us to demand due diligence and check claims that have no basis besides people’s only hurt feelings and feelings of inadequacy.

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