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Senator Bernie Sanders Endorses Stacey Abrams

The Move Signals a Progressive Path Forward from 2016

Bernie Sanders endorses Stacey Abrams for Governor.
source: Stacey Abrams' Instagram

Earlier today, Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams.  Abrams has been in a competitive primary race with former Georgia State House Representative Stacey Evans.

Although Evans has attempted to characterize Abrams as working against the values of the Democratic Party, Abrams has, in fact, worked to build consensus and forward moving policies. Evans continues to deflect from her record and instances of voting against the Democratic caucus by attacking her opponent.

Despite Evans’ attacks, some of which mimic Republican talking points, don’t seem to have an impact. A recent poll from Alive11 still shows Abrams with nearly a 20 point lead over her opponent. This is up from the 12 point lead Abrams held in early March in a Mason-Dixon poll. It’s time to break through the Republican trifecta in Georgia.

Progressives can learn a lot from Abrams, as she pushes to not only become the Nation’s first Black Woman Governor but build a multiracial coalition cutting across economic lines. While some are skeptical about Abrams’ ability to win in November, progressive movement building is not for the faint of heart.

Whether a Sanders endorsement “matters” for an Abrams win in Georgia, it speaks to the confidence in her vision a vision which is shared by millions across the country. Georgia is on the verge of significant change.  Like success, change is a journey, not a destination. Building revolution to scale and lifting up families takes vision, hard work, and faith.

Stacey Abrams and the movement she is building in Georgia is moving forward to create a better Georgia for all. Her platform and proposed policies are merely a starting point upon which we can develop and strengthen progressive action statewide. With the electorate rapidly changing and a stagnant share of white voters trending Democrat, winning in Georgia requires new approaches.

No longer can we stand by with the power and access held by a select few with the rest of us picking up the crumbs. The promise of an Abrams win is changing the nature of the way politics is done and breaking down the barriers that keep many of our communities from accessing the ballot. Beyond election day, we must continue to stay engaged. There is no off cycle; we are always on!

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