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Desperate Evans Mimics Republican Voter Fraud Attack

May 23rd Cannot Come Fast Enough

Stacey Evans undermines election integrity and democratic process by alleging non-existent voter fraud.

There are six days left until election day, and Stacey Evans, a Democratic candidate for Georgia Governor, has taken to bolstering Republican claims of voter fraud to attack her opponent’s voter registration efforts. Recent polling shows Evans still down by nearly 20 points. Those who are undecided are not going to magically show up to support Evans, they will likely just sit this round out.

Of course, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is more than happy to oblige Evans and her constant rambling fabrications and attacks. With click-bait headlines and articles full of conjecture, the AJC does its part in maintaining the status quo.

Instead of focusing on voter contact and getting out the vote, Team Evans has devolved into a series of attacks that seem to serve no other purpose but to suppress voters. Evans is now casting doubt on the work of New Georgia Project a group founded by Stacey Abrams with the goal of registering new voters in Georgia. New Georgia Project has also worked with other groups including Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta, the NAACP, the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and the ACLU. New Georgia Project, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and other organizations are no strangers to the wrath and pettiness of Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp (also running for Governor).  Refresh your recollection of the efforts between 2014 and 2017 to undermine voter registration efforts and disenfranchise voters here, here, here, herehere, here, here, and here.  

The New Georgia Project, not Evans, worked with the Lawyers’ Committee to address issues pertaining to voter registration deadlines in a federal election runoff arising out of the Georgia 6th Congressional district race.  Where was this concern when organizers and canvassers of color literally did the heavy lifting in the Ossoff race? Where was Evans when Black canvassers were racially profiled while getting out the vote for Ossoff? Apparently, our efforts are only ok so long as they are maintaining the status quo and not challenging entrenched white power and fragility.

After the Georgia Attorney General quit representing Kemp in another lawsuit after a server was wiped clean after the 6th Congressional District race, former Governor Roy Barnes’ law firm stepped in to represent Kemp. What better way to serve than representing Kemp who is a pretty awful example of what Georgia Republicans have to offer in their race to the bottom for Governor.

“But We’re Just Asking Questions. Shouldn’t We Ask Questions About Abrams and Her Results?”

Cute. But there is no such thing as “simply asking questions” with less than a week to go in a primary when you’re down nearly 20pts in the polls. Evans is now at a June 2008 Hillary Clinton level of desperation. Instead of making vague assassination comments she is fanning the Republican hysteria around non-existent voter fraud. Democrats, you need to collect your girl ASAP. This is beyond a problem when supporters defending Evans claim Abrams should have been prepared for such attacks. Sure, from Republicans who do not value the right to vote and are scared of voters of color rising up. Innuendos, rumors, and biased value assessments are not the same as facts.

We cannot claim to want to be “better than the other side” but roll around in the mud with GOP-style attacks. Any Democrat cosigning Evans’ accusations for her own personal gain are not for the people. This isn’t a grudge match between school-age kids. Evans can pick up her toys and go home, but the people she will hurt in the process can not.  This is a scorched earth strategy and if she can’t have the mansion, an unmarried natural-haired black woman certainly will not. This is worse than 2008 PUMAs.

This isn’t just a Georgia issue. This is a problem with coalition building and supporting non-white candidates, particularly non-white women to lead across the board. Whether moderate-leaning Dems supported by the DCCC or even in some progressive and third-party spaces, we see a reluctance to trust in the greatness of people of color and a FOMO if not in control.

Rep. Abrams, furthermore, has a strong belief in democratic participation, which is so critical to progressive social change.  She led a huge voter registration effort called the New Georgia Project that was the subject of a false attack by Secretary of State Brian Kemp. – Atlanta Progressive News on Endorsing Stacey Abrams for Governor 

The truth is that the math is on our side when we activate voters who are traditionally left out of electoral efforts. Building a new majority here in Georgia will take effort and significant investment in voter turnout, which Evans and her supporters scoff at, because praying moderate republicans will vote Democrat seems to their campaign a much better strategy. It’s not. The people and potential are primed and ready. Last week during an AFL-CIO led press conference, Senator Nan Orrock recounted the failed playbook that Evans is using in this race. During her remarks, Senator Orrock expressed disappointment in the distorted and manipulative campaign run by Evans and her team.

Instead of giving voters reasons to choose her and invest in her vision, Evans continues to dig a deeper hole that will leave Georgia voters feeling further disenchanted if she emerges as the nominee. The other side is horrible, complete with candidates threatening to kidnap those they believe to be undocumented. But that alone will not be enough to get Evans elected if she were to emerge as the nominee.

Bottom line: Cosigning non-existent voter fraud is racist. It was racist when Mary Norwood did it and it is racist now. People who live in their little enclaves and do not have to experience the very real repercussions to marginalized communities that Republicans oppress and Democrats like Evans pander to and misuse for votes selectively. This is not right. Support your candidate but do not stand for this nonsense. 

Ever since Shelby gutted voting rights it has been a fight here and elsewhere to maintain access to the ballot. When Brian Kemp is agreeing with your candidate you shouldn’t be trying to justify you should be trying to understand where and how she went wrong. We should be working to make it easier for people to vote. Alluding to improper activity (absent any evidence) and potential voter fraud completely undermines everything we claim to believe in regarding expanding opportunity and protecting access to the ballot.

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