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Georgia Progressive Summit and Special Elections Kick off January 2018

Progressives Hit the Ground Running Ahead of 2018 Races

Georgia Progressive Summit and Special Elections Kick off

Coming up in January 2018, progressives from across Georgia are invited to convene in August on January 6. Hosted by Progressives for Democratic Reform, the event will feature a series of trainings, breakout sessions, and panels.

From the Facebook page, Progressives for Democratic Reform is “a group of diverse reformers in and around Augusta/Richmond County whose purpose is to totally overhaul the Democratic Party beginning at the local level. Corruption should never be allowed to stand unchecked, and open, honest, transparent, inclusive leadership should direct all business.”  

While it is important to organize ahead of 2018 elections, it is equally important to build relationships with organizers and communities statewide. The Summit is no cost to attend. Sign up here to attend.

Breaking through the Republican grip on Georgia in 2018 will require a motivated and engaged voter base. Organizing to win and strategic thinking are crucial for races across the state. We also need candidates who are willing to put in the work. Genuine efforts to bring people into the fold and foster unity will increase party viability across the board. Maintaining barriers to protect entrenched power bases must be rejected at all levels. 

On January 9, voters will select new leadership in House District 111 and Senate District 17. Seeking to replace Representative Brian Strickland, El-Mahdi Holly is a progressive favorite in the House District 111 race.  Phyllis Hatcher seeks to replace Senator Rick Jeffares in the Senate District 17 race. Both elections are set for the day after the start of the 2018 legislative session.

Early voting is currently underway and will end on January 5, 2018.




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