Introducing “The Peach Perspective”

Since the 2016 election,  I have provided political and social commentary through Progressive Army and my podcast The Way with Anoa. Recently, our leadership team decided to have more intentional local engagement and lend direct support for political advocacy through the lens of independent progressive media.

As we continue to build the work necessary to help fulfill that goal, I have launched a Georgia focused politics site. Inspired by a report released by Project South concentrating on Movement Journalism, I have turned my attention to my home turf. We all stress the importance of getting local, and I am following that advice.

Progressive is more than just a catchy buzzword to pander to voters.With the help of Benjamin Dixon and the rest of our team, I have launched  The Peach Perspective. Lending my critical perspective to the Georgia political scene, I am building out The Peach Perspective as an alternative platform to engage and inform our communities about the issues that matter and the players and policies that directly impact our lives.

While my family and I are transplants to the Peach State, living in the Atlanta metropolitan area was a long-term goal for my father. My dad had dreamed of moving to Atlanta to raise his family long before he even met my mother. Having grown up in Gowanus Projects in Brooklyn, Atlanta offered my dad an opportunity for better housing, decent employment, and an overall better place to raise a family.

Despite a few different attempts to relocate to Atlanta, my family finally settled here in 1999. Although my children and I would not follow until 2014, I came to know Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area through our visits along with my siblings’ trials and tribulations in school. Fast Forward to the present, my children and I have lived in the area for over three years.

Moving after a chemical spill in Charleston, WV we sought refuge with my father and stepmother.  The Atlanta metropolitan area became our safe haven from a harrowing experience and nightmare of poor management at all levels of government. First living in Dekalb County and now in the City of Atlanta, my children and I have made a home in a place that embraces us for who we are and has nurtured my radical political spirit.

From my experience in West Virginia, I saw the power of people driven action moving legislation to fruition. That same experience also showed me what happens when people feel let down by elected officials. I have developed a keen understanding of building coalitions across urban and rural terrains.  I have met many amazing people as a result of the 2016 election cycle, and I look forward to bringing attention to efforts to bring revolution to scale.

Through a mixture of witty banter and critical analysis, I will shine a light on the voices and stories that are not often showcased by mainstream outlets. Thank you for joining me on this journey!



Anoa J. Changa

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Welcome to the Peach Perspective. A Progressive Take on Georgia Politics with Anoa Changa. We're Glad Georgia's on your mind.

Welcome to Peach Perspective